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Event Coordinator

Candy Levy was born and raised in Beverly Hills, Ca. (not 90210). Candy and Brad actually grew up in the same part of town, went to the same elementary school, but missed each other in high school because of their grade differences. Candy and Brad have been together since 1989, on roller coaster rides galore (not the amusement park kind)!

Candy has always had a soft spot for kids and elderly, she worked for many years with special needs students in the BHUSD. At one point Candy also worked in her family’s manufacturing business, but that wasn’t the right fit. Working for a few years at The Carol Faith Agency, representing composers was great fun. Though Carol is still an amazing friend and Sofie’s “fairy god-mother”,
once Sofie was born in December 1999, the need to work was filled by being “Sofie’s Mom”. BEST JOB EVER!

In 2005, when Sofie was diagnosed with Epilepsy, Candy & Brad’s world changed and focus was getting Sofie cured. The rest is history (which can be read in Sofie’s Journey). The Levy’s moved to Orange County in 2006, after only knowing LA to be home, the transition took awhile, but moving extended family down too made it easier. They have made good friends and are happy to be living a less hectic life style.

Candy & Brad are so happy to give back by having Epilepsy Awareness Day at Disneyland continue to be more successful each year. The best gift is watching Sofie continue to be seizure free and grow up into a wonderful young lady as an active participant of EADDL!

Event Director

Brad Levy, born and raised in Beverly Hills, Ca. (90211). Residing in Orange County since 2006, with his wife Candy, and of course their daughter, Sofie, who inspired the Levy’s to launch the EADDL event.

In addition to co-founding EADDL, Brad is also the owner of EEG to Go, an in-home video EEG monitoring company, and has been working with Epilepsy and Autism patients for over 5 years.

Prior to that, Brad was known as "the shoe man", the owner and operator of children's shoe stores throughout Southern California for more than 25 years. During those years, Brad always had a fondness for the kids that needed extra help with their shoes. There were many kids sensitive to the way certain shoes felt, or needed to be fit with orthotics and other devices to make sure they had the best chance at being comfortable. So really, he’s been working with kids with special needs for most of his life!

Shortly after Sofie's recovery in 2009, it was time for a career change. With a strong (loud) passion for advocating and educating Brad is a champion for EADDL, as well as for his friends at TACA (Talk about Curing Autism). He puts his whole heart into what he does, making sure that everyone has a fighting chance. Without Brad’s “passion”, EADDL wouldn’t be what it is!

Science & Education Expert
& Savannah's Mom

Dr. Dixon-Salazar is a neuroscientist-geneticist-strategist-innovatient (innovative patient advocate). Her desire to get her Ph.D. was inspired by her daughter who developed a rare epilepsy syndrome at the age of 2 years old. She did her Ph.D. and post-doctoral work at the University of California, San Diego where she studied the mechanisms of brain development and synaptic plasticity, identified genetic causes of neurological disorders in children, and investigated precision therapeutics in cell-based and animal models of pediatric brain disease.
During her post-doctoral fellowship, and after 16 years of watching daily, unrelenting seizures in her child, Dr. Dixon-Salazar’s research uncovered the driver of her daughter’s epilepsy and identified a novel precision therapy that saved her life.

With more than 15 years of direct research experience, 19 years of non-profit experience, and 22 years caring for a child with a rare neurological disease, Dr. Dixon-Salazar is a proven thought-leader who embodies the concept that patient-driven, collaborative research is the key to meaningful medical solutions. She is an accomplished scientist, highly sought-after speaker, and staunch advocate for patient empowerment.

Tracy also loves skydiving and jumping out of perfectly good airplanes for fun (with a parachute of course).

• A thriving, beautiful daughter!
• Global experience engaging the wider medical, scientific, and patient communities and serving as a scientific and patient resource.
• Highly collaborative and dynamic professional with a proven track record of innovation, strategic planning, problem solving, and project conceptualization/implementation/management.
• Service oriented with experience on over 31 boards, committees, and task forces as a scientific thought leader.
• Dedicated mentor of more than 25 students, scientists, and coworkers.
• Four time Volunteer of the Year winner.
• Recipient of the National Defense Service Medal.


Eric B. Frank was born and raised in New York. He has a BA in Political Science from the State University of NY at Binghamton and a J.D. Degree from Quinnepiac University. He has practiced Tax Law in Orange County for over 20 years. He has been on the Board of Directors of the LA Classical Ballet Company as well as the Long Beach Ballet Arts Center.

Eric & Tina's son Ethan, went to elementary school with Sofie and learned that she had epilepsy. When she had her surgery they were very impressed with her progress and knew they had to get involved.

Epilepsy Advocate
Maple Ridge Mobile Homes

Born and raised in Southern California, Audrey currently lives in Orange County with her husband Sam & their 4 rescue dogs. As a small business owner, she has been in real estate and financing for over 20 years. The Silverman family business is Maple Ridge Mobile Homes of CA.
Audrey has 4 grown children, and was very involved in Girls Fast pitch, both as a coach and board member. She has been on various city and school organizations over the years while her children were growing up.

Audrey is now also a certified therapy dog handler, with Stanley her Labrador. Together they currently participate in a program called “Tutor’s with Tails”, which is a program for children to read to the visiting therapy dogs.

Audrey’s grandson was diagnosed with Epilepsy when he was 3, and has learned the importance of epilepsy awareness and being an advocate. In addition, the Levy’s have been family friends for many years and we have happily supported Epilepsy Awareness Day since it’s inception.

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